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Discover Lisle, NY like never before with our extensive list of exciting experiences and activities the area has to offer. As your trusted General Contractor we may specialize in creating beautiful structures, but we also know how to appreciate the beauty of our surrounding locations. Dive in to experience Lisle, NY in a new light, and find something thrilling to do outside of construction timelines.

Indulge in Nature’s Beauty

Lisle is not just our base for construction projects, it is a wonderland filled with outdoor attractions. Revel in the charm of nature at the Chenango Valley State Park, with beautiful trails for hiking and serene spaces for camping. For the water-lovers, the close-by Whitney Point Reservoir is a perfect spot for fishing, boating and swimming activities.

Experience the thrill of biking in the Lisle Mountain Bike Trails, or find tranquility in birdwatching at the local wildlife reserves. There’s always something fun for our team members and clients to do after a busy day.

Dine at Local Favorites

Beyond being a local contractor, we also love supporting other local businesses in Lisle. The area is dotted with quaint eateries such as Mary’s Diner – a homely spot serving delectable American fare and the Lisle Pizzeria – famous for its perfect slices.

Another town’s gem is the Tequila Mexican Bar & Grill where you can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Delicious food, especially after a long day at a construction site, surely boosts the mood!

Check Out the Local Events

From summer farmers markets to holiday craft fairs, Lisle has a vibrant community scene. Holding onto our vibrant traditions, these events are the perfect opportunity to mingle with locals and experience the community spirit. The annual Lisle Free Library Book Sale is a local favorite, and the holiday season always kicks off with the beautifully illuminated Town Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.

Whether you’re a Lukim Construction team member, client, or a local looking for something new to do, Lisle, NY has a treasure trove of activities and experiences to offer – and your Lukim Construction team is happy to share it with you.

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