A Fun-Filled Guide to Local Activities Near ATS Mechanical Locations

Whether you’re waiting for AC service in Klein, waiting for air conditioner service in Spring, or waiting for a new air conditioning installation in Tomball, you’re in a great location for sightseeing and fun activities.

Things to Do in Klein

After getting your AC service from ATS in Klein, TX, why not take some time to visit Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve. Covering 80 acres, this beautiful natural park offers a chance to get active, soak in the natural beauty, and even get your fishing fix at the nearby 40-acre Marshall Lake.

Exploring Cypress

A quick jaunt away, Cypress TX offers attractions like the Boardwalk at Towne Lake, where you can enjoy a range of eateries, shopping options, a playground, and even a boat ride.

Spring Has Sprung

Getting your air conditioner service in Spring, TX? The Old Town Spring comprises of over 150 businesses attracting visitors all year round, from boutique shopping to dining establishments, there’s always something to do or see.

What’s Up in The Woodlands?

Those who opt for their air conditioner service at our The Woodlands location can explore the George Mitchell Nature Preserve for exciting hiking trails and bird-watching opportunities. There are plenty of shady spots to unwind while you await your air conditioning repair.

Tomball Tales

When in Tomball, TX awaiting your air conditioning installation, you can’t miss the Tomball Museum Center, a collection of historical buildings that offer insight into the area’s rich history, or enjoy the charm of the downtown Tomball.

Feeling Furnace-free in Furnace, TX

After a heating service or furnace repair in Furnace, TX, take a time out to explore the local heritage at the Furnace Historical Museum or take a day trip to the nearby adventure parks for some thrill and fun!

In conclusion, having your AC maintained or repaired at any one of ATS Mechanical’s facilities nets you not just a refreshed climate control system, but also the opportunity to explore the local charm and excitement of Texas.

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